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Professional Experience prior to Westport HTE

40 years of diversified experience in heat transfer working for operating companies, EPCs, and academia.  


Chevron Energy Technology Company (ETC) - Richmond, CA

Principal Engineer - Heat Exchangers

  • Responsible for design, simulations, troubleshooting of heat exchangers operating in upstream and downstream facilities. 

  • Managed R&D projects with budgets of $2MM. Managed third part technology suppliers and manufacturers 

  • Developed new corporate engineering guidelines for enhanced heat transfer surfaces, and electric process heaters.  Completely revised corporate standards for the heat exchanger maintenance and design recommendations for various heat exchanger services. 

  • Developed new heat exchanger training classes for process and mechanical engineers. Delivered training for all US and JV refineries in Asia and Australia. 


Eichleay Engineers - Concord, CA

Principal Process Engineer 

  • Designed heat transfer equipment including shell and tube exchangers, thermosyphon reboilers, and air-cooled exchangers with HTRI rating tools. 

  • Developed revamp modifications for crude unit preheat trains to minimize/eliminate fouling of heat exchangers and maximize heat recovery.   

  • Analyzed existing heat exchangers for possible failures due to fluid flow induced tube vibration.  Designed cost effective solutions. 


​Technip USA - Concord, CA

Manager of Process and Mechanical Engineering 

  • Designed Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for process heaters (refineries), boilers (chemical plants), and gas turbines (power plants and upstream).  Performed detail engineering including equipment rating/sizing.  Wrote operating manuals and provided training for operators. 

  • Developed project specifications for skid-mounted units that included electric heaters, ammonia vaporizers (aqueous and anhydrous), blowers, piping and instrumentation. 

  • Managed equipment vendors, performed factory acceptance tests for skid mounted units, provided technical clarifications during construction and worked with operators on field troubleshooting and start-ups. 


The Ralph M. Parsons Company - Pasadena, CA

Senior Heat Transfer Engineer

  • Developed thermal design (HTRI rating tools) of shell and tube heat exchangers, thermosyphon reboilers, and air-cooled heat exchangers for refining, chemical and upstream applications. 

  • Developed project specs, data sheets, and purchase requisitions for heat transfer equipment.  Reviewed and approved vendor drawings.  Prepared construction packages.  Supported start-ups and troubleshooting. 

  • Performed thermal analysis of fired heaters (FRNC-5) to determine the root cause of tube failures and developed revamp modifications to improve future reliability. 


University of California Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA

Post Doctoral Research Engineer 

  • Designed experimental apparatus to study hydrodynamic dispersion in heterogeneous saturated porous media.  Developed a computational model to simulate transport of contaminants in ground water systems.


​Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Zurich, Switzerland

Visiting Scientist 

  • Designed experimental apparatus for heat transfer measurements in steam condensers.  Presented a seminar on two-phase flow in power condensers. 


Institute of Heat and Power Engineering - Warsaw, Poland

Thermal Engineer 

  • Modified surface condensers in 200 MW power units. The revamp increased overall efficiency of power unit by 3%.  This work led to two patents and a national award by from the Ministry of Power (Poland). 

  • Developed CFD model (FORTRAN) to determine fluid flow and heat transfer in surface condensers.  Performed field measurements to validate the results. 

  • Designed laboratory facilities to simulate two-phase flow with film condensation in a tube bundle of surface condensers. 

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