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Retrofitting existing heat exchangers to improve thermal efficiency and reliability. Specializing in low-cost retrofits by replacing the tube bundles while maintaining all existing piping connections. While defining the retrofit we prepare the data sheets and cost estimate. 

Designing new heat exchangers for capital projects. This service includes the following activities: preparing data sheets and specifications, bid analysis, review and approval of vendor drawings and calculations prior to fabrication, start-up support.

Troubleshooting existing heat exchangers to determine the root cause of underperformance. This work includes detailed recommendations and cost estimates to implement them.

Selection of advanced heat exchanger technologies especially anti-fouling coatings and enhanced heat transfer surfaces to improve thermal efficiency and reliability.

Development of HTRI models for new and existing heat exchangers or heat exchanger networks to allow for monitoring of thermal performance and troubleshooting.

Design new or retrofiting existing electric process heaters,

Design Review/Assurance of third-party projects. This is service provides a cold eye review   which may prevent faulty designs from being built.

Unconventional calculations and simulations for heat transfer problems.

Training classes on heat transfer equipment tailored to specific facilities.

Help in defining heat transfer/heat exchanger R&D programs to focus on high return of investment and fast deployment possibilities.

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