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Jackowski, L. and Whitsitt, B. (2019), Operational Issues Caused by Wrong Design Choices for Heat Exchangers, in Coletti, F. (ed.), Heat Exchanger Design Handbook (HEDH). Begell House, NY. (by invitation – chapter in the HEX Handbook)

Operational Issues Caused by Incorrect Heat Exchanger Design Choices - Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, Multimedia Edition (hedh​

Jackowski, L., Risse, P., Smith, R., (2017), Impact of nonuniform fouling on operating temperatures in heat exchanger networks, Heat Transfer Engineering, Vol 38, pp 753-761. (this publication resulted in the revisions to API 660 on Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and API RP 941 on HTHA).

and  24_Jackowski_F.pdf (

Jackowski, L., Lam, T.Y., Rogel, E., Bennett, C.A., Hench, K., Taylor, S., Swangphol, T., (2017), Industrial Perspective on Fouling Research – Fouling Mitigation through Modifications of Heat Transfer Surfaces, Proceedings of Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference, Aranjuez (Madrid), Spain.

16_Jackowski_Industrial-Perspective-on-Fouling-Research.pdf (

Ayutsede, J., Kerber, S., Curran, E., Dooley, B., and Jackowski, L. (2023), Novel Surface Treatment to Mitigate Fouling in Heat Exchangers and Process Equipment, Heat Transfer Engineering.

Cibotti, F., Rogel, E., Hench, K., Jackowski, L., (2019), Comparison of Heat Exchanger Fouling Test Results for Once-Through and Recirculating Modes of Operation, Proceedings of Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference, Warsaw, Poland.

05_Cibotti-et-al.pdf (

Poulsen, T., Losada, R., Bischoff, C., Curran, E., Jackowski, L., Taylor, S., Chaloner-Gill, B., (2019), Qualifying a Fouling Repellent Thin Sol-Gel Coating for Carbon Steel Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Proceedings of Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference, Warsaw, Poland.

17_Poulsen-et-al.pdf (

Luna, I., Bennett, C. A., Badmus, L., Taylor, S., Swenson, D., Jackowski, L., (2019), Heat Exchanger Monitoring to Improve Integrity, Reliability, and Operation in the Oil and Gas Industry, Proceedings of Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference, Warsaw, Poland.

34_Luna-et-al.pdf (

S. Taylor, L Jackowski, R Losada, T Poulsen, C Bischoff, E Curran, T Swangphol, 

(2017), Thin Sol-Gel Coatings for, Fouling Mitigation in Shell-and-Tube Heat 

Exchangers, NACE International, Paper#9168, New Orleans, LA 

Bischoff, C., Losada, R., Poulsen, T., Jackowski, L., and Taylor, S., (2017), Development of Thin Sol-Gel Coatings for Heat Exchanger Fouling Mitigation at Elevated Temperatures.  Proceedings of Heat Exchanger Fouling & Cleaning, Aranjuez (Madrid), Spain

22_Bischoff_Development-of-Thin-Sol-Gel-Coatings.pdf (

Bischoff, C., Poulsen, T., Losada, R., Mortensen, J.O., Jackowski, L., and Taylor, S.T., (2015), Fouling-Repellent Coating for Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers. Proceedings of Heat Exchanger Fouling & Cleaning, Dublin, Ireland.

44_Bischoff_F.pdf (    

Jackowski, L., Gilmore T., Coutu D., (2002), Application, Control and Operating Experience of the Latest Technologies in the NOx Emission Reduction Program of a Major California Refinery, Proceedings of ICAC Forum’02, Houston, TX.

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Brodowicz, K., Jackowski, L., Pacek, A., (1986), Sensitivity Analysis in Modeling of Simultaneous Heat and Mass Exchangers, Zesz. Nauk. Pol., Pozn., (in Polish)

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